What sets Alty’s Frenchies apart from other breeders?

We are passionate about our dogs, and believe that dog-ownership is such a rewarding experience for people and dogs alike. Our vision is to be an agent of change in the dog breeding industry. By promoting healthy dog breeding which is transparent, we want to promote a more positive attitude to breeding, resulting in animals which are healthier and happier.

Puppy farming, backyard breeding, and even some traditional breeding practices have all had a negative impact on animal welfare. All too often, money is placed before animal health, which can result in poor animal health and temperament.

My many years’ experience as a vet nurse has given me a unique perspective on where a breeder’s focus should be, and that focus must be on promoting healthy characteristics and temperament in the breed.

To ensure that dog-ownership is a positive experience for dogs and their people, Puglove has a three-tiered approach: health, socialisation and training and the comprehensive services we offer you – now and in the future. When you buy a dog from Puglove, you know you are getting a strong, healthy and happy animal.


Having a focus on the overall health and strength of each breed is essential, so this is our priority. Our breeding program is transparent and rigorously monitored to ensure only the strongest, healthiest and well-tempered animals are being bred from.

  • We conduct regular health testing regimes on all our breeding dogs
  • Using my many years’ experience as a Vet nurse, I care for and monitor the pups from birth
  • We have a purpose-built environment to provide the dogs with a healthy and interesting lifestyle to promote their overall well-being
  • We are inspected and fully accredited by vets and the pet industry association
  • All our dogs receive premium nutrition
  • We provide quality health treatments for our dogs which are fully documented
  • We are audited each year to governing pet industry associations.


Socialisation and training

This aspect is often overlooked by breeders, yet it is one of the most important. There’s more to socialisation and training than many people think, so at Puglove, we’re dedicated to providing dogs who are well-socialised and have begun their training. Many breeders keep their dogs separate to their home, ‘out the back’ in cages. Our breeding dogs and pups are all raised as part of our family, so by the time they come to you, they have already experienced the warmth and entertainment contact with people brings.

All our pups also get the benefit of the interaction with our many farm animals. This is another essential, and neglected aspect of socialisation. We like to offer our pups a broad education, so when they join your family, they’ve already have a wide range of experiences. We’ve found that this wide range of socialisation results in a calmer, more confident dog.

Training is another vital part of a puppy’s daily life, and it’s never too soon to start. When you welcome your pup into your home at __ weeks age, they will have already begun their training. They will be toilet trained and respond to basic commands such as sit, stay and recall. We will also give you plenty of guidance on how to continue their training.

Services we offer you – now and in the future

We’ve said that we love our dogs and that we’re dedicated, and we always follow up on our word! We organise the transport of your puppy, wherever you are in Australia. We also offer a range of flexible payment options including credit card, Paypal or direct debit.

With your puppy you receive a puppy pack containing:

  • designer harness
  • car seatbelt attachment
  • care information
  • Up-to-date medical records
  • Microchip record
  • pedigree registration


Ongoing support

We firmly believe that there is no point putting all our time and effort into our pups if we don’t offer these extra services. Puglove are dedicated to ensuring that your relationship with your pup is a success that we offer lifetime breeder’s support. Most breeders have little or no contact with you once you receive your pup, but here at Puglove, our love and care for the dogs we breed doesn’t stop once the pup leaves us! We’re always here to offer any guidance or answer any questions you may have about your pup.


If you’re ready to adopt a pup, then we’d love to hear from you! Be part of the Puglove movement and help us effect positive change on dog breeding in Australia.

Alty’s Frenchie’s is a Registered French Bulldog Breeder with Dogs NSW #2100065354.



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